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Hernia are holes or areas of weakness in your abdominal muscles. As they get larger, fat or internal organs can protrude into them. This may cause pain or complications.

Generally, if you do not have any symptoms, you don't need to have an operation. 

Symptoms can start with a feeling of discomfort or dragging. You may notice it begins to interfere with your day to day activities, as your abdominal wall muscles are vital for most forms of exercise. If your hernia starts to become uncomfortable, or increases in size, you should consider having it repaired. Most hernias are repaired as a daycase, and many through keyhole surgery. If your hernia is bothering you, make an appointment with Mr. Lewis to discuss your surgical options for fixation.

If you develop significant symptoms  such as pain, or the lump becoming hard or inflamed, you need to seek urgent medical advice. Occasionally, hernias can get stuck, and even result in damage to bowel. 

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